Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Select your favourite PEUGEOT car and download or be sent a PDF brochure via email. 0000003866 00000 n Ä®krovimo laido kuprinė 2. Download. Guminis bagažinės dėlas 4. 2008 SUV. 0000027698 00000 n 2008 SUV. 0000002057 00000 n And now you can give it your personal twist by adding genuine PEUGEOT Accessories to … I vores arkiv kan du også se brochurer for alt vores tilbehør og Peugeot varebiler. 0000034267 00000 n 108 Specs. 0000027434 00000 n Namų įkrovimo stotelė 3. 0000002884 00000 n Manuály uživatelské 151 0 obj <> endobj xref 151 30 0000000016 00000 n 0000078382 00000 n Chaque brochure détaille les caractéristiques propres à chaque version du modèle. PEUGEOT 208 2 : telecharger la brochure commerciale ou consulter directement le catalogue de vente sur notre site. Photos nouvelle Peugeot 208 II : quoi de neuf par rapport à l’ancienne ? Peugeot 208 Wikipedia Brochure Peugeot 2008 October 2013 Peugeot 208 El Auto Que Conecta Con Vos ... 50 Brochure Peugeot 2008 Pdf Ga6j Autonewsalimwus 2020 Peugeot 2008 And E 2008 Prices Details Electric Peugeot 2008 Gt Line 2019 Price Specs Carsguide 108. Visuals for illustration purposes only. 3008 SUV. The Peugeot 108 is a fun an exciting entry to the family and one that has taken the Home Counties by storm. 0000007060 00000 n Read about what makes our cars stand out from the crowd. 0000034614 00000 n Catalogues Peugeot 208 et Brochures Peugeot 208. ... Brochure Request Professional hÞb```"V†Ò9‚ ”abŽ ŠLŒ @1ƀŠÎ—™ðªÔݞããèp»OpÊÂëǜô~yy00 Photographs and illustrations in this brochure are for illustrative purposes only. Téléchargez tous les catalogues Peugeot 208, brochures, documentations, manuels, modes d’emploi et dossiers de presse sur la Peugeot 208, au format PDF : Retrouvez les différents catalogues et autres brochures de la Peugeot 208 : Pour plus d’informations, nous vous invitons à télécharger les fiches tarifs détaillées, sur lesquelles vous trouverez tous les détails sur la gamme, les équipements et les caractéristiques de la Peugeot 208, ainsi que les tarifs et les options… Rendez-vous ici : Tarifs Peugeot 208, Brochures et Documentations de la Peugeot 208, Caractéristiques Techniques Peugeot 208 II – France – Février 2019, Guide d’utilisation Peugeot 208 II – Français – Mode d’emploi (Septembre 2019), Caractéristiques Techniques de la Peugeot 208, Accessoires et Références de la Peugeot 208, Equipements embarqués, Audio Hi-Fi et Multimédia. The PEUGEOT e-208’s immediate reactivity (136hp and torque of 260 Nm available from 0mph) offers a serene* driving experience. covid-19 lÆs mere her. This brochure is not a contractual document or offer of sale. 208 Brochure. Peugeot 208 (16 pages) Automobile PEUGEOT 208 R2 User Manual (21 pages) Automobile PEUGEOT 208 R2 User Manual Discover more by requesting a brochure from Peugeot today. Visuals for illustration purposes only. ALL-NEW PEUGEOT 208 PRICE LIST (1/2) Engine Fuel HP Titre Code (Dialog Description) CO 2 G/Km Basic MRRP Vat (£) Total MRRP On the Road Costs On the Road MRRP P11D Value (£) 2019/20 BIK % 1.2L PureTech 75 S&S 5-speed manual Petrol 75 1PP2A5HMZJT0A0B3 (208 ACT PT75) 124 13,508.33 2,701.67 16,210.00 945.00 17,155.00 16,925.00 27 Nieuwe 208. View and Download PEUGEOT 208 handbook online. 2008 SUV Brochure. ELECTRIC CARS. Dvigubos bagažinės grindys 6. 0000006854 00000 n www .peugeot .co .uk NEW PEUGEOT 208 C r ea t ion:BD N w k –P u b lc G g sA m Peugeot RC Paris B 552 144 503 – Printed in the E.U– MCP 3782 The information contained in this brochure is based on the data and images available at the time of printing . 0000028729 00000 n ESTATE CARS. 2008 SUV Specs. Its innovative features exude power. Sign In. 208 automobile pdf manual download. 108 5-deurs. 2019 peugeot e 208 brochure.pdf Katalogy a prospekty 2.86 MB: Anglicky 7 208 II: od 2019 peugeot 208 new brochure.pdf Katalogy a prospekty 4.83 MB: Anglicky 25 208 I: 2013 2013 peugeot 208 i.pdf AP-208 02 2013 EL. All-new PEUGEOT 208 GT Line: Equipment For further information call PEUGEOT on 0800 083 3000 or visit our website at www.peugeot.co.uk. Interested in buying a new PEUGEOT? 0000000896 00000 n ny e-208. WEC : Peugeot prépare une « Le Mans Hypercar » de 680 chevaux, Peugeot, marque la plus fiable au Grand Prix des Marques Automobiles 2020, Vidéo Peugeot 3008 II restylée – Présentation officielle (2020), Nouveau Peugeot e-Traveller 100% électrique – Vidéos officielles (2020), Nouveau Peugeot e-Expert 100% électrique – Vidéos officielles (2020), Publicité TV Peugeot : opération « Reconnexion » (2020), Essai Peugeot 508 II HYbrid 225 e-EAT8 : la chasse au CO, Essai Peugeot 2008 II : le nouveau SUV compact du Lion. Upload. The irresistible all-new 208 with next-generation technology and the latest intelligent driving aids. 0000092141 00000 n el/hybrid-modeller. Bagažinės kilimas 0000081969 00000 n CO 2 figuresare used to calculate Vehicle PLUG IN HYBRID CARS. ... Peugeot 208 5-Door. Nieuwe 3008 SUV. PEUGEOT 208 TARIF VP 20D V1.0, applicable au 30 novembre 2020 - 2/24. Essai Peugeot 3008 II : la version PureTech 130 EAT8 à l’épreuve, Photos : la nouvelle Peugeot 308 II 2020 et son i-Cockpit Digital, Photos : L’Aventure Peugeot au salon Rétromobile 2020. Découvrez tous les accessoires disponibles pour votre 208 grâce à notre brochure. The design bears the hallmarks of the SUV segment, with added power and robustness. MENU NEW CARS ... All-New PEUGEOT 208 & … 308 Berline. 308 sw. se mere. 0000093111 00000 n 0000001974 00000 n O naujajam PEUGEOT e-208 mes sukÅ«rėme atskirą specialių aksesuarų gamą. Peugeot 108. Want to learn more on what products and services Peugeot offer? All vehicles are RDE2 compliant CO 2 figures,P11D values, BIK% and MRRP pricing shown above are for a standard vehicle without any additional optional equipment. View and Download PEUGEOT 208 brochure & specs online. Essai Peugeot 208 II : la nouvelle génération est enfin là ! NOUVELLE PEUGEOT 208 TARIF VP 20B V2.0, applicable au 29 Juin 2020 Tarifs, Équipements et Caractéristiques Techniques NOUVELLE PEUGEOT 208 TARIF VP 20B V1.0, applicable au … Photos : la 508 SW Peugeot Sport Engineered surprise sur la route ! Discover more by requesting a brochure from Peugeot today. 0000006924 00000 n The only difference between the models shown and the models available are that images shown are of left-hand drive vehicles. Please note that print and photographic processes used in the creation of this brochure may alter the depth and tone of the colours shown. %PDF-1.7 %âãÏÓ 108 3-deurs. PEUGEOT Cars and Vans Help Scottish FA Reach Its Goals; PEUGEOT Boosts New Plug-In Car Grant by £500; All-New PEUGEOT 208 & 2008 SUV Win at Fleet News Awards 2020; PEUGEOT rated among Top 5 Manufacturers in UK; All-New PEUGEOT 208 Named “Car Of The Year 2020” PEUGEOT Diesels Set to Reach RDE2 Compliance before Deadline menu personbiler. ALL-NEW PEUGEOT 208 PRICE LIST (1/2) ^Electric range 217 miles under WLTP. New 508. ny 508 hybrid. Nieuwe 2008 SUV. Téléchargez tous les catalogues Peugeot 208, brochures, documentations, manuels, modes d’emploi et dossiers de presse sur la Peugeot 208, au format PDF :. ny 3008 suv hybrid. 308 SW. 3008 SUV Avantage Series. Choose a petrol, diesel or 100% electric powertrain without compromising on space, looks or specification. rifter. Peugeot 3008 SUV (THP) luk; personbiler; modeller. 0000034017 00000 n Add. The PEUGEOT 2008, a compact SUV, is a compelling proposal. 1. chooSe your driving Style Nos documentations sont au format PDF. 508 Peugeot Sport. 35,6/,67( 3hxjhrw wloehk¡u2sgdwhuhw iheuxdu 1u 3urgxnw)lqdqvlhulqj xgehwdolqj)lqdqvlhulqj su pg 9duhqu 3ulv lqno prpv rj prqwhulqj 7loehk¡uvsdnnhu 6wduwsdnnh 0nwwhv w qnohilow %djdjhuxpvednnh yhqgedu 6lnnhukhgvsdnnh 6w qnodsshu iru 0000002752 00000 n 0000087055 00000 n Photos & vidéos : toutes les infos sur la 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered ! 0000028674 00000 n 208 Specs. ALL-NEW PEUGEOT 208 Dealer stamp Réalisation et édition : Altavia Paris, 10 rue Blanqui Saint-Ouen, 93400 France Automobiles Peugeot 552 144 503 R.C.S. 108 Brochure. Nanterre Imprimé en UE - Réf : XXXXX - February 2019 peugeot.co.uk 5008 SUV. το peugeot 208 εντυπωσιάζει με το κομψό και ταυτόχρονα σπορ αμάξωμά του που αντανακλά τον δυναμικό και σύγχρονο χαρακτήρα του. Vous pourrez ainsi choisir le modèle Peugeot qui correspond le mieux à vos critères et vos besoins. 0000001520 00000 n 0000002911 00000 n The Peugeot 208 offers a premium, sleek interior with exceptional attention to detail, from optimising the interior space, to the choice of materials and ultramodern mood lighting, which includes ambient white backlighting. PEUGEOT 208 visiÅ¡kai atitiks jÅ«sų poreikius. Bringing style back to the city is the 108 from Peugeot. 208. 508 Avantage Series. ... (PCA) offers this brochure as a general guide to product specifications. Click here to see the all-new 208 live in our Virtual Showroom The compact size of the new Peugeot 208 – less than 4 metres long – combined with its compact steering wheel makes the vehicle agile and ultra-compliant in urban conditions and enhances driving pleasure for a fun, exciting experience. 508 SW. 3008 SUV. ... New 208. 108 5 Door. Click "Download" to get the full free document, or view any other 208 PDF totally free. ny 508 sw hybrid. Personbil-brochurer fra Peugeot. tryg fÆrden hos peugeot - information ifm. suv-modeller. Automobile PEUGEOT 208 Brochure & Specs. nyeste modeller. ny 2008 suv. All data Peugeot 2008 SUV. New PEUGEOT 3008 SUV Range 208 e-208 GT LINE GT LINE Mistral tri-material 'Capy' leather effect and 'Isabella' cloth seat trim with lime green 0000037401 00000 n Vous souhaitez acquérir une nouvelle Peugeot 208 et la personnaliser selon vos besoins ? Ä®krovimo laidas 5. The PEUGEOT 208 has been finesse in many key areas; with more assertive styling, fresh exterior colour choices and even more innovative technology to make it stand out from the crowd. All-new PEUGEOT e-208 is fitted with an acoustic vehicle alerting system. Photos : premier contact avec les nouvelles Peugeot 2008 II . 0000002171 00000 n click on www.peugeot.co.za. 0000002011 00000 n The details in this specification sheet cannot be reproduced without the expressed authorisation of Peugeot. COVID-19 UPDATE READ MORE. ¯åҗ(’n;"Ÿ½ÅáÍn ØÄ{àf*ž¾²2'»ÉXfeЍë,i–AK7®ã8S´Ô;9FpÆS¯iÇv(žšªÛ[à–. SUV. PEUGEOT 208. PEUGEOT Automobiles Australia offers this brochure as a general guide to product specifications. * Take care when driving as other road users may not be accustomed to electric vehicles. Available in a hard or fabric rollback soft top name TOP! 508 SW Avantage Series 308. Find out everything you need to know about prices, equipment and technical specifications by downloading the brochure for your desired Peugeot model. The New Peugeot 208 offers a premium, sleek interior with exceptional attention to detail, from optimising the interior space, to the choice of materials and ultramodern mood lighting, which includes ambient white backlighting. ny e-2008 suv. Specifications are … 0000080164 00000 n 208 5 Door. URL of this page: HTML Link: Add to my manuals. Σε συνδυασμό με … ny 5008 suv. Share. 208 automobile pdf manual download.