Soon after, homesteader Ernie Wright arrives at the Starretts’ to announce that Ryker’s men have destroyed his wheat field and, consequently, he and his family are moving away. At the same time, the Romans elect Crassus as head consul and leader of the legions, and he vows to destroy Spartacus and restore order to the empire. Michael sees that Nick is one of the competitors and urges his friend to leave with him, but Nick does not recognize Michael and spits in his face. She calls Crawford to share her theory, but he responds that the FBI has already identified Buffalo Bill, who goes by the names Jame Gumb and John Grant, and they are on their way to arrest him at home in Calumet City, Illinois. The Mountain Girl, who loves Prince Belshazzar of Babylon, learns of the plot and tries to warn the prince, but she arrives too late. After Lucky and Penny's grand performance at the Silver Sandal's re-opening, Lucky is surprised by the appearance of Margaret and then is confronted by Raymond, who accuses Pop of cheating him out of Ricky's contract. Cloudy, posing as a patron, is able to observe the steady traffic of local businessmen who hold clandestine meetings in the back room with Sal. Although Vaughn is delighted by the exhibition, Hooper insists the bite radius of a Tiger shark is too small to be the same shark that killed Chrissie. Harvey then informs Butch that because Butch has spent so much time away, Harvey has taken over leadership of the gang and made the decision to rob the Flyer. At home, Pop scolds Edie for walking with Terry, whom he calls a bum, and demands that she return to college. When Johnnie leaves the train to move a crosstie, Annabelle, unable to work the gears, runs the engine forward and backward, leaving Johnnie behind, until he finally catches the train. He refuses the money, but when she presses it into his hand, she recognizes him by the feel of his skin and is moved. At the appointed place, the Sharks and the Jets meet, and the best fighter from each gang, Bernardo and Ice, respectively, prepare to fight as the others look on. They pay Paulie $60,000 as a “tribute.” Sometime later, Karen and Henry are wed in a Jewish ceremony. It is rumored he went to San Francisco, California, where he prospered in dry goods. Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle and his partner, Buddy “Cloudy” Russo, use intimidation and psychological tactics to taunt and trap their targets, sometimes skirting the boundaries of ethical behavior. After admiring the piano playing of Jeff’s neighbor, a struggling composer, Lisa confronts Jeff about their relationship, challenging his perception that their romance is doomed because of their different lifestyles. They're Comanche." When Indy leaves, Arnold Toht skulks inside with an army of Nepalese henchmen and demands the headpiece, threatening Marion with a hot poker from her fire pit. They fight, but when Washington holds McMurphy down, the silent Bromden comes to his aid. Because loyalty to one another is all that remains, the "wild bunch" demands Angel's release; but when the demand is made during a drunken celebration, Mapache slashes the boy's throat. Admitting that she has never loved him, Phyllis now embraces him, and Walter shoots her twice, killing her. Finally, the men cut cards to see who will hunt for food, and the loser, Larsen, sets out alone. The American Film Institute's highly-touted, obvious selections for "America's Greatest Movies" are substantially sound, safe, respectable, and crowd-pleasing. At home, he tells Adrian that it does not matter if he loses, but if he can just last all fifteen rounds, as no one ever has against Creed, he will know for the first time that he is more than “just another bum from the neighborhood.” On the day of the fight, as the arena fills, Rocky prays, then banters with Adrian. Opal wanders through an automobile junkyard, where she dictates her observations about race relations in America into her portable tape recorder. Steve, whose father is prominent in the Moose Lodge, delivers the organization’s scholarship check to Curt, but his friend is having second thoughts and confides that he may instead attend the local city college for a year. Dreyfuss, assuming that Buddy has mistreated Fran and driven her to suicide, excoriates Buddy while ministering to Fran. As instructed by Andy some time ago, Red goes to a hayfield in Buxton, Maine, where Andy buried money. Munny pours himself a drink. Clarice guesses the killer could be Buffalo Bill and presses for more information, but Lecter demands to be transferred to a new hospital and given a cell with a view. In the car on the way to the planned rendezvous, as Mulderig razzes Popeye from the backseat, they are caught in a traffic jam that endangers their ability to follow Sal. Escobar also reveals that the autopsy on Hollis showed that he had drowned in salt water, not the reservoir’s fresh water. After Norma recovers, she has the pool filled, and announces that she has sent her script to Paramount's director of epics Cecil B. DeMille, with whom she made twelve pictures. Upon learning about an abortionist called Mama Caleba, Tibbs visits the woman and is still with her when Delores arrives, accompanied by the actual father of her child, diner counterman Ralph Henshaw. The altercation ends amicably, and Charlie calls off the wedding. Still suffering a high fever, Munny believes he is dying and begs Ned not to tell his children about his checkered past. The wealth and position of the socially prominent Lord family of Philadelphia has made Tracy, the eldest daughter, into an imperious and haughty shrew. Bill is willing, but Mary tells Triplette they are Democrats and that Walker is crazy. Peter then convinces Shapeley that he is a gangster who has kidnapped Ellie, and the terrified man flees. During the return trip, Sonny is nonplussed by Ruth’s tears, although she tells him that there is nothing seriously wrong. DID YOU KNOW? The next morning, after a night of coaching, Jeff reveals the truth about Taylor and Paine to the Senate, even as Paine continues trying to condemn him. After making his way out of the torrent, he is stopped by a short man in a white suit, accompanied by Claude Mulvihill, a cheap detective whom Jake detests. When Joe notices that none of the bedroom doors have locks, Max explains that Norma's bouts of melancholy are often followed by suicide attempts. When he arrives home that evening, however, he catches Norma calling Betty to expose him as a kept man and giving her the Sunset Blvd. Unsatisfied by Chambers’ remarks, Lila and Sam drive to the motel the following day and check in. Potato Head, a Slinky Dog, a piggy bank named Hamm, and Rex, a neurotic dinosaur. Meanwhile, at Buffalo Bill’s house, Catherine Martin is held at the bottom of a well in the basement. He declares his intent to take the path of “the righteous man” from now on. While Snow White sleeps, the owners of the beds, the Seven Dwarfs--Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful and Happy--return from working at the local diamond mine and discover the snoozing princess. Walter soon gives in to his longing and kisses Phyllis, after which she reveals that she has been abused and neglected by her husband. As Deckard drifts to sleep, Rachael plays the piano. When Judah arrives at his family’s now-decaying home in Jerusalem, he is surprised to see Esther, who never married but returned to the house with Simonides after he, who was also imprisoned, was released. Delbert and Triplette convince her to remain by offering to let her perform at the rally, and claim she will share the stage with Barbara Jean. He asks Jewish accountant Itzhak Stern to help him recruit Jewish investors, who would go unnamed, as Jews are no longer allowed to own businesses. Cast: Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Antonio Mendoza, Producer: Peter Fonda|123915||Bert Schneider|19884, Writer: Peter Fonda|123915||Dennis Hopper|37743||Terry Southern|145337. Realizing that he cannot finish the bridge by the deadline, Nicholson matter-of-factly tells Clipton that he has asked the officers to work beside the enlisted men and they have volunteered "to a man." Already late for his hometown wedding, featured troupe dancer and professional gambler John "Lucky" Garnett is delayed further when his fellow dancers, who want to keep him single and in show business, convince him that the cuffless trousers of his morning suit are out of style and need tailoring. Though they are outnumbered, Francis and Taylor gun down several soldiers and escape the foxhole just before it is hit by a grenade. Tyrell informs him that is partly because Rachael believes she is human. They return to the warehouse, where all of the criminals scatter, followed by the police. He is immediately attracted to Dietrichson's wife Phyllis, who first appears clad only in a towel. Meanwhile Shears, who was found near death by some friendly villagers, recovers and begins a solitary boat trip down river. As the sun rises, the ark is hoisted out of the chamber and Indy prepares to follow, but his escape is thwarted by Belloq, who has discovered the site and is thrilled to usurp Indy’s discovery yet again. There, Clarice discovers a transvestite’s disembodied head inside a jar. One night, The Woman, dressed in high-heeled shoes and a slinky dress and smoking a cigarette, saunters past The Man’s window and signals him to meet her. Despite the hysterical advice of Gen. "Buck" Turgidson, who advocates limited nuclear war, the President orders U. S. land forces, under the command of Army Col. "Bat" Guano, to attack Burpelson. Now on the verge of suicide, George is about to jump off a bridge when Clarence comes to earth and intervenes by jumping in himself. McMurphy approaches each of the other men, urging them to raise their hands, but they are too mentally ill to comprehend the events around them. Defeated, Judah has no choice but to let the guards take him away as he asks God to grant him vengeance. Thoroughly depressed, Lucky prepares to tell Margaret that he no longer loves her, but she surprises him by revealing that she, too, has fallen in love with someone else. However, in March 1941, when Krakow Jews are forced out of their homes and into a sixteen-block walled ghetto, Stern reconsiders. The Jets meet, stunned, because they never expected anyone would be killed. The men depart, and Joe’s wife Marian, who has observed everything from inside the house, urges Joe to invite Shane to dinner. The 100-best list was unveiled in 1998. Unknown to Jerry, Joe has stolen Beinstock’s suitcase of clothes and eyeglasses and, dressing in them, goes to the beach where he stages an accidental meeting with Sugar. The sound of a bell interrupts his train of thought, and, after throwing his arms across his face, he sits down and begins to paddle again. Jake catches Cross in a lie when he says that he had not spoken to Hollis in years, but Cross brushes aside Jake’s revelation that they had been photographed together. Inside the room, Iris seduces Travis, but he rejects her advances. Judah does not understand why Messala would let this happen, especially after Messala admits that he knows the truth. At the U.N., Roger requests to see Townsend, but is confused when the man he meets is not Vandamm. Holden, a Blade Runner, interrogates Leon Kowalksi, a new employee of the Tyrell Corporation suspected of being a Replicant. Schindler relents and hires Regina Perlman’s parents. After shooting Cross in the arm, she drives off, ignoring Escobar’s order that she stop. After once again getting nowhere with Adrian, Rocky visits her brother, meat packer Paulie Pennino, to ask why she disdains him. Meanwhile, in town, Shane purchases clothes at Sam Grafton’s general store, then orders a soda pop in the adjoining saloon. The following day, Scottie is tailing Madeleine when she comes to his apartment to leave him a note. Shattered, Scottie looks down at her body. Lois realizes she left her lucky hat at home and insists on retrieving it before she flies to Atlanta. Clarice is led to a maximum-security corridor in the basement, where Lecter is being held in a glassed-in cell. In hopes that Sal will put pictures of African-Americans on the wall, Buggin Out announces to neighbors that he is starting a boycott of the pizzeria. Following Jake’s defeat, Salvy Batts, who works for boxing racketeer Tommy Como, informs Jake’s brother and manager Joey that an association with Tommy could advance Jake’s career. In Tampa, Jimmy and Henry extort money from a local gangster. She boards a bus headed for New York and meets Peter Warne, a reporter who has just been fired. Afterward, Michael helps his actress friend Sandy Lester prepare her audition for the television soap opera, Sometime in the not-to-distant future, gangs of teenage thugs roam rubble-strewn streets, terrorizing citizens who sequester themselves behind locked doors. Retrieving the car at a garage owned by Toothpick Charlie, Joe and Jerry unintentionally witness Spats and his men shoot Charlie and his men to death for informing on the speakeasy. Brian is jealous of Sally’s new admirer, although Max attempts to include Brian in their adventures, declaring that it is his duty to corrupt them. The home’s manager, now joined by Claude, then orders them to leave. She suggests taking a vote, but most of the men are reluctant, even fearful, of voting against her will. He reveals his work as a school teacher back home, and openly regrets how many lives he has taken. Cast: Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, Fred MacMurray. Walter is dismayed to find another passenger, Jackson, sitting on the deck, but when he leaves to get Walter a cigar, Walter jumps off the back of the train. Later at the café, Genevieve comforts Sonny and wonders why both he and Duane live in a boardinghouse rather than with their parents. With her German language and secretarial skills, Sophie was allowed to personally serve Commandant Rudolf Hoess, and relocated to a private room in his cellar. Having read about the Alexanders, Webber refuses the gang entrance when they attempt the accident ruse again, but Alex then breaks into the house and bludgeons Webber unconscious with a large sculpted phallus, part of Webber’s erotic art collection. Arriving at the church as the final vows are being spoken, he screams Elaine's name over the heads of the startled guests. When he is asked if he likes being at the asylum, McMurphy responds that Ratched is not honest, that she “likes a rigged game.” Spivey tells McMurphy that he diagnoses no evidence of mental illness, prompting McMurphy to make silly faces and other odd movements, and ask, “Is this crazy enough for you?” As the men are preparing to go on an outing, McMurphy impulsively asks Bromden to help him over the barbed wire fence around the hospital. As the four parachute into the jungle, Chapman crashes into a tree and is killed. On his birthday, Michael’s amateur playwright roommate, Jeff Slater, throws him a surprise party at their apartment. Although Kong snaps the vine in his attempt to retrieve Ann, the couple fall unharmed into the river and make a dash for the ship, closely pursued by Kong. American Film Institute Western. She asks Diz to marry her, and they return to her office to collect her things. In support of their "not guilty" verdicts, the jurors realize that the witness deceived the court by taking off her glasses prior to her court appearance and they surmise that she was most likely not wearing them in bed the night she claimed to have witnessed the murder. When he confesses that his father told him he had no brains so had better work with his body, Adrian reveals that her mother told her to develop her brains, as she did not have a good body. He proposes that they kiss before dinner, to get over the awkwardness of a first kiss. He begins to pummel Rocky, and when Rocky manages to back Creed up against the ropes, Creed breaks his nose. The Professor allows Eve to return to Vandamm and places the angered Roger in protective custody at a hospital. Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman, Cinematographer: Rollie Totheroh|134445||Ira Morgan|72878. Sleeping at Max’s apartment to avoid the press, Howard awakens the following morning, puts on his raincoat, and spends the day walking in the rain. Days later, his water exhausted, Shears passes out, leaving his boat to drift aimlessly. Harvey, now drunk, tries to force Will to leave town, but Will refuses, and the two men fight until the marshal knocks his former deputy unconscious. After Dorothy tearfully kisses and hugs her friends, Glinda tells her to click the heels of the slippers three times with her eyes closed and to think to herself, “There's no place like home.” This she does, and she awakens to find Uncle Henry and Auntie Em at her bedside. After being released, she lost her faith in God and attempted to commit suicide in a Swedish refugee camp. Sally cheerfully offers to remain platonic friends and the pair establish a routine. Just then, Raheem arrives with Buggin Out and Smiley, marching into the pizzeria with his stereo speakers blaring the song, “Fight the Power.” Buggin Out yells at Sal to put pictures of African-Americans on the Wall of Fame, but Sal orders them to turn off the “jungle music.” When Sal snaps, directing a racial slur at Buggin Out, Vito, Pino, Mookie, and the other patrons join the argument. The imperial stronghold is a planet-sized, armored space station called the. Blanche finally calms down, and is touched by the doctor's gentlemanly manner, telling him that she has "always depended on the kindness of strangers." Walter thinks back to May when it all started: Walter visits an expensive Spanish-style house in Los Feliz to follow-up an automobile insurance renewal for Mr. Dietrichson. In another, describing the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre of 1572, Catherine de Medici persuades her son, King Charles IX of France, to murder the Huguenots. Terry insists on walking Edie home and, on the way, she hesitatingly tells him abut her convent upbringing and ambition to teach. After Roger hurls Valerian off the mountain, Leonard takes the figure and pushes Eve down the cliff where Roger comes to her aid as she dangles perilously on the edge of the monument. Sally, obsessed with becoming a movie star, is oblivious to the economic and political turmoil in Berlin, especially between the Nazis and Communists, and instead revels in the decadent atmosphere of alcohol, sex and excess. Despite Jeff's nervousness, the senators like his ideas, except for Paine, who is horrified to discover that Jeff wants to use Taylor's Willet Creek site. Strasser is particularly concerned that the letters not be sold to Victor Lazlo, the well-known Czech resistance leader, who is rumored to be on his way to Casablanca. Jack follows Kong and Ann into a cliffside cave and there Kong kills a giant snake. AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies – 10th Anniversary Edition is an updated edition to AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies, a list of the top 100 greatest American films of all time. He then picks up his wheelchair-bound brother, Michael, at a chronic care hospital, where the doctor observes that Henry looks unwell and offers him Valium. The next day, as they enter Big Whiskey, they see a bruised English Bob being driven out of town in a carriage.