Of course the game responds to the higher player count by giving you higher Agenda requirements and tougher monsters, so don’t lose sight of the fundamentals. You know a lot about games and are a pretty cool guy. The other type of card we can look at are active boosts. This article will assume that you understand how the game works but not that you have any experience with building decks for a game like this. Whether you add it or not, discussing the possibility would let you talk more about slots and about why it’s usually best to add two copies of each card, and when if ever to violate that principle (e.g. The really powerful clue gatherers tend to be a bit weak when it comes to taking on monsters, so they often need protection from the enemies the encounter deck is going to throw at you. If I am running a Zoey fighting deck then having a weapon out is essential and I should keep that in mind when considering a mulligan at the start of a game. This is a different type of play, but nonetheless an enjoyable one where you can really strategise against a scenario when you know what is coming. Online. Doing extra damage makes Zoey’s attacks more efficient so let’s put in 2 Vicious Blow. This will be different for each investigator and scenario but is basically what it says on the tin: how much of your investigators tools do you have in play to allow them to do what they are good at. For the scenario it is how many monsters, treacheries, and the stage the agenda and act are at. Our last cross class taken up the remaining two cards must be neutral or Guardian. Examples of this kind of card would be Magnifying Glass for Lore, Holy Rosary for Will, Beat Cop for Fighting, and Cat Burglar for Rogue (we will cover experience cards later, but I wanted to use cards from the core as examples where I could). Our Zoey deck has some pretty easy early upgrade targets. The title refers to Lovecraft's fictional town of Arkham, MA which is mentioned in many Mythos stories. Their cards are extremely efficient at sucking up clues in a variety of ways, and they frequently dive into the occasional spellbook with their cross class choices. It might be the case, like in our example, that giving careful consideration to everything you are a few cards short by the end of your process. This includes the total number of cards your deck can be made from not including the investigators signature cards, and the random basic weakness that each deck gets. Let's appease the masses with an answer. Heres some of mine when building decks for games with two investigators: * I aim for around 10 skill cards. There are 5 of these in the core, one for each class that require resources to be spent to boost a particular stat. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! AH:LCG's deckbuilding is at both times easier, and harder, then other games I've played/built decks for (L5R, LotR, Magic, Netrunner, WH:I, CoC, AGoT, Wars/Star Wars, hell, Gwent). A card game like Arkham presents us with myriad ways to approach a problem and an action economy to deal with those problems. The Taboos make some cards more expensive to put in your deck and changes the wording on others to make them less powerful. ( Log Out /  When you are building a deck you need to think about the slots your investigator has. Even in easy mode the Chaos Bag is at minimum going to pull out -2 tokens from time to time. Since I almost exclusively play Arkham Horror in a multiplayer group on expert, this is the primary setup I am considering when evaluating the cards and creating decks. I usually play two handed solo but I tend to deck build in a very loose ‘what feels right’ sort of way, that said my Seekers and Rogues always seem to crush it while my Guardians go down fast. If I am looking for one card in my opening hand that I consider essential then I could potentially draw 10 cards, my initial 5 then a mulligan, to try and get that card in my starting hand. Join myself, Shadow & Mark in building our decks for when we do our Innsmouth campaign for the first time! What next. We are now at 18 out of 30 cards and the deck looks like this: Events2x Evidence! Assets2x .45 Automatic (Core Set)2x Beat Cop (Core Set)2x Machete (Core Set)2x Guard Dog (Core Set)1x Zoey’s Cross:Symbol of Righteousness (The Dunwich Legacy), Board State, Combos and Situational Cards. Keep in mind that Zoey will generate extra resources from engaging enemies, effectively making Taunt another resource card. Most Guardian investigators have Combat as a focus, but you can find this role across all the classes where there is a high Combat stat. As the card pool grows the design team start to produce cards that are more and more situational, not necessarily bad, just specific. 19.0k. If you have low Will the encounter deck can really start to mess with you, and you’ll need a way to handle the hits, or pass the tests from time to time. This gives us a small card pool, but still some choices to make. You should also distinguish between what is essential and what is nice to have. Doing more with each of your actions, and knowing when to not get caught up in being as efficient as possible, is another aspect of good play in all card games of this nature. Casting my eye over the cards again, we can arrange the cards by cost in ArkhamDB, another easy choice would be Unexpected Courage. Often the first time through a campaign, especially if you are playing it as the packs come out, I like to just throw in some of the new cards to play with, just to try out the new toys. Before we get specifically into the different classes and different approaches to deck building, I think it is worth looking at some fundamentals of a card game of this type that might not be immediately obvious. (Core Set)2x Dodge (Core Set)1x Dynamite Blast (Core Set)2x Drawn to the Flame (Core Set)1x Lucky! Don't play by the building rules. I especially recommend checking out the decks from my friend Andy Stoddart who goes by StartWithTheName who creates all sorts of weird and wonderful decks, with full upgrade paths and play advice. I think other parts of the piece cover the benefits of multiple copies already. I’m an experienced player who came to it through a link in a BGG forum, but I always enjoy well-structured, clear writing, especially about topics I like, and it lent some systematicity to ideas I’d mostly developed by induction and intuition. Interesting article. Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Deckbuilding for Beginners. Regardless of which investigator you become, you'll begin play with a number … The support class can also be one that allows other investigators to do their jobs easier, either by setting up hits, making clue finding easier or lending help in tests. Rite of Seeking would be a potentially good choice to boost her investigating potential, but Shrivelling doesn’t really help us too much as her fight is so strong. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Fantasy Flight Games. As we’ve already discussed Zoey’s weak stats are Intellect and Evade. Advantage is how much you are winning the tug of war. I can’t really provide much guidance here as I do not play the game solo. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Brainwaves Episode 47 – Courtroom Melodrama, Arkham Horror: The Card Game – A Guide for Beginners, Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Deckbuilding for Beginners, Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Strategy Guide for Beginners, Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Beginner’s Guide – The Giant Brain, Arkham Horror – Strategy Guide for Beginners. Let’s look at the state of our Zoey deck. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. You say, “Our Accessory slot is filled up with Zoey’s signature card and she can only have one so there is no point in putting other cards in that slot,” but I’m not sure; Zoey has very little card draw, so it’s not unusual to finish a scenario with her single copy of the Cross still undrawn in the bottom half of her deck. We have 5 classes in Arkham: Guardian, Survivor, Seeker, Mystic and Rogue each with their own specialities and appeals. All LCGs have cards which people love to hate. On the flip side of that coin too many weapons will clog up my deck, leaving me without room to put in cards that might help me with healing, moving and getting clues, some of which I will want to do. Where I can I have made the examples in this piece use cards from the core set. Low Lore will mean you can’t help out with clue gathering, and you might get hit by the occasional treachery card, but that can be smoothed out by cards like Evidence, allowing you to grab the occasional clue. The other aspect of card play is considering the situation that some cards need to be in to work effectively. If you want to do crazy card combos, fly by the seat of your pants, and make things up as you go along then Survivor is probably the class for you. With a firm grounding in the fundamentals we are ready to dive into some deck building. Survivor cards tend to be very cheap, with their true potential brought out by combining them with other cards. “Binder Fodder”: a cruel reality for poor cards, or are they just misunderstood? Coordinate who you are playing with so you can cover the two main bases, fighting and cluing, then you can start being smart about the secondary things your character can get up to. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Example: Let’s build a deck as we go through this advice that will hopefully let you see the sort of considerations we might take into account. Its mix of cooperative gameplay, deckbuilding and RPG like elements was a unique package and a refreshing take on the Arkham experience. Posted by Davi P November 16, 2020 December 14, 2020 Posted in Deckbuilding Tags: arkham, arkham-horror, Deckbuilding, lcg 11 Comments on Deck building options part 1: The 5-2 split An introduction to deck building options in Arkham Horror Leo De Luca, I may count one of those into the skill card total. Browse the cards and the thousand of decklists submitted by the community. (Core Set)2x Dodge (Core Set)1x Dynamite Blast (Core Set)2x Drawn to the Flame (Core Set)2x Taunt (The Dunwich Legacy). I am going to assume I am playing a 2 player, narrative run through of the game so we will build Zoey to take the Fighting Role primarily. Don’t forget that Zoey’s Cross, and her two Treacheries do not count towards deck size. I’m going to build a deck for the Dunwich Campaign, assuming I only have 2 cores and the Dunwich Deluxe. One final thought before I leave you be. So I’d at least consider adding one copy of the Rosary, particularly since it can fill that awkward fifth off-class slot. Deckbuilding et spoilers en ligne pour Horreur à Arkham JCE en francais / lCG en anglais (ahjce.fr) ... Les informations de ce site basées sur Arkham Horror: Le Jeu de Carte sont intégralement la propriété de Fantasy Flight Games. If you are playing with investigators from later campaigns, just be sure to check all their requirements thoroughly. If your low stat is fighting or agility then you aren’t going to be punching monsters in the face or running circles around them, and should probably just accept that. At this player count you can really start to double up on roles and you might even have someone in a pure support role. Check out the excellent ArkhamDB and you will find endless decks for you to try. At the start of last year I put together a beginner’s guide for the Arkham Horror: The Card Game (AH:TCG). If you are running a deck that has a lot of weapons in it for instance, you better make sure you can hold the weapons you want to have out in an ideal situation. The most basic way to get consistency is to repeat the type of card you want. She isn’t going to be doing much in the way of cluing or evading with only a 2 in Intellect and Agility. Draw: 1 2 5 all. December 22, 2020 December 22, 2020. This is the recommended starter deck for Skids … You can still choose to build a narrative deck that tells a story of a character that you want to tell. As the scenario advances and things spiral out of control it gains advantage. Let’s slip a couple of those in as a neat way to get some testless clues. Beat Cop is also great, but essential? That is one of the joys of the game. That sounds good to me. This is when cards that are released later in the games life are a bit more powerful than those released earlier. Members. Let’s put these on the back burner for now and move on with 22 cards out of our 30 chosen. As the investigators build their board state and can handle more of what the scenario throws at them, they gain advantage. You’ll notice that I have not really made much in the way of card recommendations throughout this piece. We get just 3 actions per investigator per turn and we can use those to do the basic actions of movement, investigate, fight, draw cards, and gain resources. Arkham is no stranger to this phenomenon so you might find that if you use cards from later expansions in earlier campaigns that the scenarios in that campaign are a little easier than originally intended. The number of people you are playing with will guide your character selection and deck design. I am going to add Dodge in at this stage, as I still need 10 more cards and it seems like a good idea to be able to avoid the occasional hit, or let another investigator get out of danger. The latter is more efficient and is an example of action compression, giving us the benefit of 3 ‘get resource’ actions in one. We might want to boost our fight on top of the weapons we have so that means we should chuck in 2 Overpower to make sure we can land those blows when we need it the most. Contact: Please post bug reports and feature requests on GitHub. If you enjoyed this article then please consider donating to our Patreon. Thanks so much for letting me know how useful it was to you. You’ve gotten to the end of building your first deck, but because this is Arkham it isn’t going to remain that way. The short answer is, use what you want. If I need 2 cards in my starting hand I consider essential, that probability drops way off and as the needs go up, the probability drops. They tend towards physical combat and are the only class that really focuses on evasion, though that only really came into its own after Finn Edwards was introduced. Deckbuilding Deck building options part 4: Traits continued. Probably not. You’ll find many others of this type, where the ability to activate them will need consideration when you build. We currently have 4 cards from mystic and 1 more cross-class slot available. × Events2x Evidence! What do you think about the Arkham Horror: The Card Game deckbuilding?" Dynamite Blast is an interesting situational card that is very expensive to use, but could get us out of a tight spot in the right moment. Got a strategy guide coming soon as well. Join. We can’t have more than one Ally at a time, but as the Guardian allies are meant to take damage to activate their ability we might consider putting both in. Lovecraft and other cosmic horror writers. So let’s say I am building a Roland Banks deck and concentrating on fighting monsters. Zoey can take 5 cards from any other class at level 0, she also gets her cross, a basic weakness and her signature weakness. View all posts by Iain McAllister. The real killer for a lot of investigators can be Will. Earlier in this piece we talked about board state and advantage. We are probably going to need a little help from time to time to get those resources, so for this starting deck I am going to throw in Emergency Cache. To this end I thought I would shine a light into the dark corners of card combinations, investigator choices, player number, and the myriad of decisions that can assault you when it comes to wanting to build your own deck. This is a totally legit way to play and I’ve seen groups have loads of fun with this kind of idea. Obscure Studies. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It’s arguable that Zoey doesn’t need Emergency Cache and we could use this space in our deck for others cards, but I am going to throw them in just in case. Daisy Walker can use a Tome once a turn for free, so we should ensure she has a good book or two in her deck. For instance I could take 1 action to get 1 resource, or I could play the card Emergency Cache to get 3 resources for 1 action. He only has access to level 0 cards. As they level up they can put out tremendous amounts of damage, even getting to the point where they can take on an Ancient One. THE clue gathering class, Seekers tend to have high lore, decent will and are fairly weak when it comes to fighting. In Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you become one of the unlikely group of investigators living and working in or near the quiet New England town of Arkham.You might assume the persona of Federal Agent Roland Banks, or you might slip into the role of street urchin Wendy Adams. Most characters will have 1 or 2 stats where they are weak. Change ). Zoey Samaras is a guardian investigator that is part of The Dunwich Legacy deluxe expansion. (I hit on this while building a thematic Zoey deck with Blessed cards from the Innsmouth cycle.) As the Guardian class has evolved over the campaigns we have seen the introduction of more cards that allow them to act as tanks, taking hits for other people. We are also the home of the Brainwaves podcast, a fortnightly cast bringing you the best in tabletop gaming news. As the game expands the requirements for investigators can get a bit weird as the design team explore new ideas. As you buy more packs you will get more upgrade targets, and it is often the case that the cards across the cycle will be beneficial to the investigators that came in the deluxe for that cycle. Imagine a tug of war competition. Having a think about how you want to play and the number of players will help guide you when it comes to building your deck. Zoey is a pretty typical Guardian in that she has a high Combat stat. Better make sure you put cards in to have that many and cards like Emergency Cache can really be a boon to the right decks. (Core Set)2x Dodge (Core Set)1x Dynamite Blast (Core Set)2x Drawn to the Flame (Core Set)2x Emergency Cache (Core Set)2x Taunt (The Dunwich Legacy). The final way to play is where you take the reigns off and go hog wild with stupid combos, ridiculous decks, and crazy ideas. So it is with card combos. An easy choice here would be to throw in a copy of Lucky from survivor, just to give us that boost we might need at a crucial moment. The support role tends to be a secondary one for most characters, allowing the investigator to heal mental and physical damage. Remember those last 3 cards do not count against her deck size of 30 cards which means at the end we will have a deck of 33 cards in total and be legal. Part of this is an art, and is hard to teach. Now Zoey needs a weapon or two so let’s look at what we could get. Card draw simulator. As the Ancient Ones seek entry to our world, one to two investigators (or up to four with two Core Sets) work to unravel arcane mysteries and … The information presented on this site about Arkham Horror: The Card Game, both literal and graphical, is copyrighted by Fantasy Flight Games. They are not without access to investigative cards and can be an excellent backup clue gatherer. It has helped loads of people understand the format of the game and I’ve been delighted with the response to it. We already have Vicious Blow in our deck, a great card that combos with our weapons to give us more damage. Let’s dive in to choosing cards. Sure there are cards you can put in to give you more slots and the permanents like Charisma and Relic Hunter, giving you an excellent way to mess around with having multiple slots where you would normally only have one. Does that mean you should throw in a bunch of cards to help them pass tests in those stats? Build your deck for Arkham Horror LCG by Fantasy Flight Games. The best way I have found to look at resource curve is to use the charts part of your deck on ArkhamDB. This means the skill cards that come in the core are good as they not only boost an action they give me a card to replace the one I just played without having to take an action to do so. Let’s move away from player count to look at the two types of play mode, Narrative/Blind playthroughs, Mechanical and Nonsense. Cards that get me cards more efficiently than the basic Action: draw a card, can be great. For some characters this will be very little, instead relying on events to get the job done, for others they will have every slot filled. To help out I am going to add 2 Guts skill cards and I am also going to add Fearless from Mystic to help heal horror, and for an extra Will boost. The information presented on this site about Arkham Horror: The Card Game, both literal and graphical, is copyrighted by Fantasy Flight Games. *Pre-Order* Arkham LCG Into the Maelstrom Mythos. The majority of scenarios revolve around clue gathering, so someone in the party needs to take this role on. However, most decks will need to find ways to pay for more expensive cards especially when it comes to the bigger weapons and spells. For instance Zoey gets resources when she engages enemies, so packing a Taunt or two can be a great idea as it allows her to get a lot of enemies engaged with her at once. Evidence for instance needs me to be in a room with a monster and a clue, pretty likely as Zoey will be sticking close to the Clue Gatherer for most of the game. It is important to keep our resource curve in mind as we do this, as we don’t want to throw that off too much by throwing in crazy cards will never get the chance to play. One of the nice things about the game is that you can approach it in your own way. It can be composed of Guardian cards (level 0 - 5), Neutral cards (level 0-5) and up to 5 level 0 cards from any other class (Seeker, Rogue, Mystic and/or Survivor) . For those coming to it from a background where they are not used to putting their own decks together, the route to doing so can seem confusing and arcane. Diving deep into Arkham Horror: The Card Game Home. Her ability enables her to gain resources when she engages an enemy and she can do it every time that happens. One of the things to consider when building a deck is what does your ideal board state look like, what cards do you want in play in order to be at maximum efficiency? Swap out cards for free between scenarios etc. This does not include a random basic … I do worry that she might get hit by the occasional bad Will check on Treachery cards, and with a low Sanity she is vulnerable to being eliminated that way. That said, one of the things the taboos do is push some of the more frequently used cards into the realms of expensive to add into your deck, or less efficient to play, leading to more interesting deckbuidling decisions. Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a cooperative living card game produced by Fantasy Flight Games.It is set in the universe of Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game which is itself based on the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. There are 3 main roles in the AH:LCG and each investigator will occupy one or more of them depending on their abilities and the deck you build for them. Now is the time to throw in a surprise or two, or maybe just bolster something a little more. Thanks very much for the kind words, and taking the time to write some feedback. Now we have some fundamentals under our belts let’s look at the different classes. The card is a Holy Rosary. First off, and I realise that this might make the rest of this article completely moot for you, you don’t have to build decks at all. $14.99 $11.99 $14.99 Arkham Horror Even before we get to your choice of class we should consider what role you are going to play in your party. I look forward to trying this out in October. All the Seeker investigators excel at clue gathering, but you also see this role in the Mystic class. This is fundamental in a lot of card games so it is worth taking a look at here. You can find other ways to support us here. Action Economy, Efficiency, and Compression. Should he be a seeker? They are usually a very rich class with lots of cards that can get them extra resources that they then utilise for the tools they need for the job. taking a flier on one copy of a high-cost, situational card like Dynamite Blast). The other part, the technical side, I think I can help with. All I would say is that some characters can handle the solo mode much better than others and those that can will be able to gather clues and take on monsters, either by engaging or evading. That means that even with a high stat of 5, the highest starting stat for any investigator at this time, you could fail the odd test. On one end are the mechanics of the scenario, pulling and tugging you towards failure. Keep an eye out for the nice to haves and get them in play when you can. If you really want the campaign experience as it was originally intended, as the expansions came out, you can just play with the card pool up to the point you are playing. ( Log Out /  That said keep in mind who you are playing with, it can be frustrating to have a deck in the game that is just mucking around and not really engaging with the game. And if we built some decks with these cards, what would they look like? That said, most card games that fall under the model of release that AH:TCG does are subject to power creep. This does mean there are some generalisations in the piece but I’m happy with doing that. This leaves us with 10 cards purely focused on doing damage, a good third of the deck so far. If you would like us to review a game then go to Contact Us in the top or footer menu. This does not include a random basic weakness or his investigator signature cards. Consider carefully how many of these cards you put in your deck, as you don’t want to find yourself clogged up with cards in the wrong place, at the wrong time. "Skids" O'Toole is a rogue investigator that is part of the core set. If Guardians are the physical brute force of the classes, then Mystics are the arcane wielding, forbidden knowledge seeking equivalents. This means that we want to look for what are called passive boosts for our characters key stat: cards that will give us extra points to a stat without us having to do anything like pay resources. When you get onto tackling higher difficulty levels, this is pretty much the required mode. It is also worth noting that the campaigns are intended so that they can be played with just the core set and that campaign, though some of the investigators will definitely suffer from a restricted card pool. The Giant Brain is an independent tabletop game review site based in Scotland. I just hope the advice here will help you build decks you find fun and allow you to enjoy this fantastic game as much as I do. Arkham Horror: The Card Game Decks; Welcome to Card Game DB Register now to gain access to all of our features. Yep we are definitely going to put two Taunt in this deck, as it not only allows us to get monsters off people but it gives us money when doing so! Created Jul 29, 2016. Their cards tend to be a little dangerous, with negative effects if any of the symbol tokens are pulled from the chaos bag, and fairly expensive. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. This leads us neatly onto card combinations or combos as they are more usually referred to. It will depend a lot on which stat is your weakest and what you might do with it. Assets2x .45 Automatic (Core Set)2x Machete (Core Set)1x Zoey’s Cross:Symbol of Righteousness (The Dunwich Legacy), Skills2x Vicious Blow (Core Set)2x Overpower (Core Set), Treacheries1x Random Basic Weakness (Core Set)1x Smite the Wicked (The Dunwich Legacy). Their strengths really rely on card manipulation and sometimes complicated timing, so maybe not one to try out straight away if you are a new player. Unlike Arkham Horror lcg, it appears you build your investigator's deck for the cycle, then make changes to your deck (level up) in between missions. Defeat. I am going to go for Beat Cop as it gives us a passive boost to Combat on top of the ability, which is just going to get the job done more often without the need to commit cards. In my opinion, AHLCG has a weird crossover audience of card gamers from other LCGs and board gamers coming from other Arkham games. We are now at 27 cards out of the 30 we need: Events2x Evidence! For now I am going to include both, upping the chance of having more damage dealing out quickly. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/thebudiez We could put in Look What I Found from Survivor but it is likely that without further Intellect boosts, Zoey would fail Investigate checks by more than 2.